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Saturday, August 17, 2013

oDesk MS Execl 2000/2003 Test Answers- 2

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Listed to important information about the current time MS Execl 2000/2003 Test Answers on oDesk. The following information is below --------

Question 34: To delete a specific cell as well as the text within it, make the cell active and then
Ans: click Edit and then Delete

Question 35: Which of the following is an absolute cell reference
Ans: $B3

Question 36: To select nonadjacent cells, columns, or rows, you must
Ans: hold down the Ctrl key while clicking column, row header, or specific cells

Question 37: When copying selected cells to a new location, you must position the mouse pointer on any border around the selected cells until it turns into a(n)
Ans: arrow pointer

Question 38: When data is linked, a change made in a linked cell is automatically made to other cells in the link.
Ans: True

Question 39: Which of the following function would return a value of 8?
a. roundup(8.4999,0)
b. rounddown(8.499,0)
c. round(8.4999,0)
d. a and c
Ans: e b and c

Question 40: Selected cells and cell contents can be moved or copied within a worksheet but not between worksheets.
Ans: False

Question 41: Time in a cell in Excel is stored as a decimal fraction representing a portion of the day
Ans: True

Question 42: The PMT function is used to calculate a loan payment based on a variable interest rate, payment, and the time period.
Ans: False

Question 43: The gridlines that appear on your worksheet will print as displayed.
Ans: False

Question 44: The FV function is used to calculate the future value of an investment based on a periodic constant payment and interest rate
Ans: True

Question 45: To apply page numbering to a worksheet page, which option in the Page Setup dialog box should you choose
Ans: Header/Footer

Question 46: If a function is included in an argument within a function, it is called a
Ans: Nested Function

Question 47: What should you add before a fraction to avoid entering it as a date, e.g. 1/3, in Excel?
a. F
b. //
c. zero
d. FR
Ans: e. zero space

Question 48: If you want row and column headings to print, which tab do you click from the Page Setup dialog box?
Ans: Header/Footer

Question 49: A new workbook initially contains this many sheets
Ans: Three

Question 50: An Excel workbook saved in HTML format allows Internet or intranet users to have access to workbook data even if they do not have Excel installed
Ans: True

Question 51: Once the chart is created, data can only be changed in a chart located in the same worksheet as the changed cells
Ans: False

Question 52: What value is displayed if the formula =2+"$9.00" is entered into a cell?
a. $11
Ans: b. 11
c. 2+$9.00
d. $11.00

Question 53: Certain chart elements automatically inserted in a chart created by Chart Wizard include a chart legend, labels for the x-axis and y-axis, and a chart title
Ans: False

Question 54: You can double-click a chart element to display the appropriate formatting dialog box.
Ans: True

Question 55: You can change the size of an image by using the white sizing handles.
Ans: True

Question 56: To make the image taller or shorter, use the middle sizing handle at the left or right side of the image.
Ans: False

Question 57: Which of the following is not a tab on the Chart Options dialog box?
Ans: Patterns

Question 58: This question is based upon the figure shown below
Which toolbar is shown in the figure?
Ans: a. Forms toolbar
b. Standard toolbar
c. Formatting toolbar
d. Chart toolbar
e. WordArt toolbar

Question 59: This chart is the default chart
Ans: Column Chart

Question 60: Which of the following displays the contents of the active cell?
Ans: Formula bar

Question 61: A worksheet is an individual page or tab in the workbook.
Ans: True

Question 62: You can copy cell formats from one cell to another by using the
Ans: Format Painter

Question 63: What will be the output of the function IF(ISNA(MODE(B1:B4)),0,MODE(B1:B4)) when it is applied to the data series given below?

Ans: a. #N/A
b. 27
Ans: c. 0
d. Error

Question 64: When you clear the contents from a cell, the formatting of the cell is also lost.

Question 65: How can you select all the blank cells in your worksheet?
Ans: a. This must be done manually as it is not automated through any built-in feature
b. Chose Edit->Select->blank under the main menu
Ans: c. Choose Blanks in the Edit ->Go TO->Special menu option
d. Choose Blanks in the View->Go To->Special menu option

Question 66: You have entered test in a cell which is too big for the cell. You want the text to appear in multiple lines inside the same cell. What will you do?
Ans: Use the wrap txt option in the Format->Cells>Alignment Menu

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