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Sunday, August 4, 2013

oDesk internet marketing test answer of 2013 – 2014-1

This is an effective advance test you should take for you to bid at the oDesk Job Market. Below are list of questions and answers. This site is for oDesk Success Guides and Tips, oDesk Sample Tests and Answers and Freelance Jobs Success info. Here is also available all kinds of results in oDesk or Freelancing Test.
Here is a latest oDesk internet marketing test answer of 2013. Thank you for visit this site. Don't forget to give me a like or comment.
Lets Start: oDesk internet marketing test answer of 2013 – 2014
SET 01: SL. NO. 01 to 25 RUNNING

SET 02: SL. NO. 26 to 50

SET 03: SL. NO. 51 to 75 

Question 1: Why would a company possibly want to spend more on PPC early on?
It costs less early on
Ans: b. To drive traffic to their site and increase awareness
c. To let the competition know they are serious
d. To sell more products

Question 2: Why is affiliate marketing a favorable from of marketing?
a. It is inexpensive.
b. Nothing is paid unless there is a sale resulting from the affiliate’s efforts.
Ans: c. It guarantees increased sales
d. It is complex so not many people utilize it

Question 3: Who regulates affiliate marketing?
Ans: a. No one currently
b. SEC
c. IRS
d. Internet Affiliate Board

Question 4: What is meant by “niche marketing”?
Ans: a. Targeting a broad based group of people
b. Targeting a very specific demographic
c. Advertising on the television
d. Advertising only online

Question 5: How can a podcast be used to drive customers to a website?
a. By only hosting the podcast on the website
b. By giving information on the podcast which gives the listener the desire to learn more, and directing them to the website for that information
c. By making the podcast a premium one which costs money
Ans: d. By telling the listeners that they need your product

Question 6: What is “cost per customer acquisition”?
Ans: a. The amount a company pays a customer to try their product
Ans: b. The average cost of marketing spent per new customer
c. The cost of marketing staff
d. The cost to beat competitors

Question 7: How can supplemental materials be delivered to the podcast listener?
Ans: a.     Embedded into the audio file
b.     Files can be made available for download along with the link to the podcast
Ans: c.     The listener has to go to a special site only during the podcast
Ans: d.     The listener must pay for any additional materials

Question 8: How is click-through rate measured in an email campaign?
a. The number of emails which did not bounce back
Ans: b. The number of people who click on a link in the email bringing the potential customer to your site
c. The number of people who purchased a product or service from the email
d. The number of people who replied to the email

Question 9: What is a "value proposition"?
Ans: a. The pricing of the product
b.     The same as a business plan
c.     A statement as to how the company will make more money
Ans: d.  A statement as to how the company adds value for customers

Question 8: How important is content on a site when optimizing it?
a. Not important at all, does not factor in
b. Mildly important to keep customers happy
Ans: c. It is the only thing which creates a higher ranking in search engines
d. Very important, new content especially

Question 10: What is a trackback?
a. Same as a trademark
Ans: b. A method of notification that somebody links to document/html
c. When someone goes to your site because of your podcast
Ans: d. A count of how many downloads your podcast has

Question 11: Which of the following would not be effective in headline writing?
a. Using words that draw attention
b. Using words that people may search for
Ans: c. Using small words which take up space and do not add value
d. Using words such as “new, exciting, special offer”

Question 12: What should a company do once it achieves its search engine ranking goals?
a. Stop promoting site
Ans: b. Constantly monitor and improve their site in order to maintain their ranking
c. Revise the site once in awhile
Ans: d. Sell advertising on their site

Question 13: Why would a firm employ guerilla web marketing?
a. It is guaranteed to work
b. It allows greater flexibility
Ans: c. It gives the firm more control over its marketing budget.
d. It is unconventional and can often leave a lasting impression on potential customers

Question 14: Why would a firm employ guerilla web marketing?
a. It is guaranteed to work
b. It allows greater flexibility
Ans: c. Its gives the firm more control over its marketing budget
d. It is unconventional and can often leave a lasting impression on potential customers

Question 15: What is meant by “White hat”?
Ans: a. When marketers show up for work wearing white hats.
b.      Dishonest techniques for gaining higher rankings.
Ans: c. Ethical and honest methods of increasing page rankings.
d.      Software used to increase rankings.   

Question 16: Why are purchased email lists typically ineffective?
a.       They are too expensive
Ans: b.      They distribute an email to far more people than the company has its contacts
Ans: Ans: c.       They make up fake emails to sell
d.      They are not targeted at customers specific to your company and have high bounce rate.  

Question 17: Why has web marketing become a popular form of marketing?
a. It is much cheaper than other forms and often more effective
b. Television advertising is being offered less
c. It is easier than traditional marketing
Ans: d. It has been heavily advertised

Question 18: What is one unfavorable trait sometimes seen in affiliate marketing?
a.     The cost is low
Ans: b.     It brings additional traffic to a site
Ans: c.     Affiliates will use unethical techniques to drive customers in hopes of earning a commission
d.     It is only paid for based on successful selling

Question 19: Why would a company hire internet marketing specialists if marketing is relatively easy to do online?
a. It reduces taxable profits
b. To get a second opinion
c. Creates goodwill
Ans: d. Hired experts can drive the best results of campaigns and help guide the company in its marketing

Question 20: What is a secondary reason to actively maintain a company blog, besides giving potential customers something to read?
a. It keeps the marketing staff busy in down times
Ans: b. It impresses clients
Ans: c. A well maintained blog will help increase page rank with search engines
d. It makes the company seem larger than it is

Question 21: Why si it important to fine tune the timing ofthe ad and keywords used
Ans: to carefully target the customer basedesired, not wasting impressions and clicks

Question 22: What is the purpose of a traditional press release?
a. It acts as a direct marketing sales tool
b. It can be mailed out to potential clients
Ans: c. It announces company information to a widely dispersed group of people
Ans: d. It target markets to internet users

Question 23: What is the purpose of sending a monthly newsletter?
a. It creates work for employees at the company
Ans: b. It builds branding creates awareness and connection with potential clients
Ans: c. It gives people a chance to opt out of ever talking to your company again
d. Required by law

Question 24: What is the purpose of sending a monthlynewsletter
Ans: it gives people a chance to opt out of evertalking to your company again

Question 25: What is meant by "guerilla marketing"?
Ans: a. Using resources such as time, energy and imagination rather than money to market
b.     Using advertising spots which utilize gorillas to capture the audience
c.     Having a large scale marketing budget
d.     Using television ads instead of web ads


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