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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

oDesk SEO Test Questions And Answers Today- 2

To beautify your life so as to draw in perfect clients wish to you wish pass Search Engine Optimization improvement. However does one prove your skills development and set you specialists from the competition? If you a great many oDesk tests as you'll be able to presumably manage of my blog sites. You ought to your aim to get high and avoid average scores as a result of SEO conjointly options in your profile. Precisely you arrivals your favorite on-line market place oDesk useful sites. For certain begin SEO improvement check verified that you simply area unit a true be SEO skilled WHO has following my blog post.

Syllabus of the Test
The Search Engines Industry
Google Search Technology
SEO Techniques
Search Engines and Directories
Link Popularity and Linking Strategies
Keyword Selection and Optimization Strategies
Working with Meta Tags

And you start....................
oDesk SEO Test Questions And Answers Today

Question 31: Which of the following statements is correct with regard to the images within a webpage?
a.    Images cannot be spidered by the search engines
Ans: b.    Important keywords related to the image should be placed in the ALT text
c.    Images should always be kept close to the top of a webpage
d.    Image maps should be used while including the images

Question 32: Cloaking is a controversial SEO technique. What does it involve?
a.    Increasing the keyword density on the web pages
Ans: b.    Offering a different set of web pages to the search engines
Ans: c.    Hiding the keywords within the webpage
d.    Creating multiple pages and hiding them from the website visitors

Question 33: Which of the following facts about Alexa are correct?
Ans: a.    Alexa provides free data on relative website visitor traffic
b.    Alexa and Quantcast provide information on visitor household incomes
c.    Alexa is biased towards US based traffic
d.    Quantcast only tracks people who have installed the Quantcast toolbar
Question 34: Google looks down upon paid links for enhancing page rank. If a website sells links, what action/s does Google recommend to avoid being penalized?
a.    The text of the paid links should state the words “paid text link” for Google to identify it as a paid link
b.    Only Paid text links to nonprofit websites should be accepted
Ans: c.    Paid links should be disclosed through the “rel=nofollow” attribute  in the hyperlink
Ans: d.    Paid links should be disclosed through the “index=nofollow” attribute  in the hyperlink

Question 35: What is the main reason for the effectiveness of Optimizing a web page towards a long tails keyword search? Recheck
a. There are more long tail searches than shorter keyword queries
b. Search engine often pass on long tail searches to lesser or new website
c. Search engine do not pass on long tail search traffic to website that rank high for shorter keyword searches (check)
Ans: d. There are fewer website that have targeted such keyword's

Question 36: Which of the following actions could get you banned by Google?
Ans: a.    Hiding text on the webpage(Answer)
b.    Stuffing keywords on the webpage
c.    Linking to sites banned by Google
Ans: d.    None of the above

Question 37: Which of the following factors does google take into account while accessing whether or not a website is an authority website?
a. The frequency with which the contents of the website is updated
b. the number of web pages containing relevant information on the main theme of the website
Ans: c. The number of in-bound natural links related to the website's theme (or keywords)
d. None of the above

Question 38: All major search engines are case sensitive.
a.    True
Ans: b.    False

Question 39: While optimizing your website it is important to generate the right type of traffic, how does the Bounce Rate information help in this regard?
a.    By letting you know the percentage of users who entered the website and then went on to visit additional pages
Ans: b.    By letting you know the percentage of users who entered the website and then left without viewing any other page(Answer)
c.    By letting you know the percentage of users who decided to go back to the source from where they found your website
Ans: d.    By letting you know the percentage of users who left your website within 10 seconds of viewing the first page

Question 40: Google displays up to ------------------------ characters of a web pages title tag
Ans: b.60   B & C

Question 41: Which of the following factors contribute towards link popularity of a website?
a.    The number of websites that link to it(Answer)
b.    The number of pages of the website indexed by Google(Answer)
c.    The number of pages in the website(Answer)
d.    The quality of websites that link to it(Answer)
Ans: A,B,C,D

Question 42: Search engines do not index some common words (such as “or”, “and”, “when”, and “in”) within the webpage. What are these common words called?
a.    Barrier words
b.    Non-indexable words
c.    Slow words
Ans: d.    Stop words

Question 43: Which of the following activities could be looked down upon by Google as per their quality guidelines?
a.    Using automated website submission software
Ans: b.    Loading pages with irrelevant links(Answer)
Ans: c.    Intentionally adding keywords to the TITLE tags and ALT attributes(Answer)
d.    Registering misspellings of well-known websites

Question 44: Which of the following statements about RSS are correct?
Ans: a.    It is a form of XML
b.    It stands for Realtime streamlined syndication
c.    It is a good way of displaying static information
d.    It is a Microsoft technology

Question 45: _________ is usually the best web page to get linked to while receiving a themed in-bound link from another website.
a.    The sitemap
b.    The contact page
c.    The home page
Ans: d.    The page which you would like to improve in the search engine rankings

Question 46: Which of the following options describes the correct meaning of MouseTrapping?
Ans: d. The web browser trick, which attempts to keep a visitor captive at on a website

Question 47: Which of the following can be termed as good keyword selection and placement strategies?
Ans: a.    Targeting synonyms of the main keyword
b.    Targeting the highest searched keywords only
c.    Copying competitor keywords
Ans: d.    Optimizing five or more keywords per page

Question 48: If your site is not appearing in Google search results because of some unethical SEO practices in the recent past,
a.    abandon and close your website permanently.
Ans: b.    modify the page contents, make them useful and relevant to the human users, and request Google to reconsider your site. (Answer)
c.    start a PPC campaign to get your site included in the sponsored results.
Ans: d.    it is better to discontinue the website and shift your webpages to a fresh website with a new domain name.

Question 49: Which of the following statements about search engine optimization techniques are correct:
Ans: a.    Making a keyword bold does not influence the way that the search engine looks at the keyword
Ans: b.    Websites with deep linking are looked at favorably by search engines
c.    search engine robots follow the first link they find to any particular page and they do not follow additional links to the same page
Ans: d.    It is not a good idea to have the same anchor text for all inbound links as it could look automated to the search engines

Question 50: A Hallway Page is used to:
a.    Attract visitors from the search engines straight onto the Hallway Page
b.    Organize the Doorway Pages
c.    Help people navigate to different Doorway Pages
Ans: d.    Enable search engine bots to index the Doorway Pages(Answer)

Question 51: Which of the following free tools/websites could help you identify which city in the world has the largest search for the keyword – “six sigma”?
a.    Yahoo Search Term Suggestion Tool
b.    Alexa
Ans: c.    Google Traffic Estimator
Ans: d.    Google Trends
e.    WordTracker

Question 52: State whether the following statement is true or false.
 A Sitemap provides a list of internal links to user accessible pages on a website.
Ans: a.    True
b.    False

Question 53: What is the function of “indexer” part of the Google search engine?
Ans: a.    It helps to retrieve web pages from the world wide web
b.    It helps to gather information from other search engines
c.    It helps to sort the documents that Google has retrieved
Ans: d.    It helps to generate meaningful results based upon the user’s search term

Question 54: 10 people do a web search. In response, they see links to a variety of web pages. Three of the 10 people choose one particular link. That link then has a __________ clickthrough rate.
a. less than 30%
Ans: b. 30 percent
Ans: c. more than 30%

Question 55: What is the term for Optimization strategies that are in an unknown area of reputability/validity?
a.Red hat techniques
Ans: b.Silver hat techniques
Ans: c. Grey hat techniques
d.Shady hat techniques

Question 56: Why is it a bad idea from the seo perspective to host free articles and write ups that are very common on the internet.
a.Because they will not lead to fresh traffic
Ans: b.Because you could get penalized by search engines for using duplicate content
c.Because you will not get the benefits of proper keyword targeting
d.Because people could turn up claiming copy right infringement

Question 57: The following robots meta tag directs the search engine bots:
<META NAME="robots" CONTENT="noindex,nofollow">
a.Not to index the homepage and not to follow the links in the page
Ans: b.Not to index the page and not to follow the links in the page
c.To index the page and not to follow the links in the page
d.Not to index the page but to follow the links in the page

Question 58: Which of the following options are correct regarding the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) of a particular keyword?
a. It is directly proportional to the popularity of the keyword
b. It is inversely proportional to the competiton for the keyword
Ans: c. It is directly proportional to the chances of the keyword ranking on the first page of the Google search results

Question 59: _________________ use both crawlers and directories to generate relevant results.
a.Crawler-based Search Engines
b.Human-Powered Directories
c.Hybrid Search Engines
Ans: d.Meta Search Engines

Question 60: Which of the following statements is correct with regard to natural links?
a.They are two way links (reciprocal links)
b.They are from authority websites
Ans: c.They are voluntary in nature
d.They are from .edu or .gov extension websites