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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

oDesk Social Media Marketing Test Answers - 6

oDesk Social Media promoting check Answers
Social Media promoting check answers on oDesk for brand spanking new freelancer
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Question 101: How is the “open rate” important?
a. It tells the company how many people clicked on the links in the email
Ans: b. It lets the company know how many people bought a product
c. It is the number of people who received the mail
d. It is the number of people who actually opened the email sent to them, giving the company insight in to how effective the email marketing campaign was

Question 102: How is the pricing model of a click determined?
a. Standardized rate for the ad
Ans: b. Google sets the price worldwide
c. Ads always cost more in later months
d. The more popular a search term the more a customer will have to pay to use that term in his/her target keywords list

Question 103: How can a podcast be used to brave customers to a website
Ans: by telling the listeners that they need your product

Question 104: How do eBooks represent a form of marketing?
a. They are often free, include useful information, and direct the reader onto the company which created the eBook for further information
b. They are not a form of marketing
c. They can be placed on free sites where paid advertisements generate income
d. They can be used to defame the competition

Question 105: How can supplemental materials be delivered to the podcast listener?
a. Embedded into the audio file
b. Files can be made available for download along with the link to the podcast
Ans:  c. The listener has to go to a special site only during the podcast
Ans: d. The listener must pay for any additional materials

Question 106: How important is content on a site when optimizing it?
a. Not important at all does not factor in
b. Mildly important to keep customers happy
Ans: c. It is the only thing which creates a higher ranking in search engines
d. Very important new content especially

Question 107: What is meant by “niche marketing”?
Ans: a. Targeting a broad based group of people
b. Targeting a very specific demographic
c. Advertising on the television
d. Advertising only online

Question 108: What is meant by “whit hat”
Ans: When marketers show up for work wearing white hats

Question 109: What should a company do once it achieves its search engine ranking goals?
a. Stop promoting site
b. Constantly monitor and improve their site in order to maintain their ranking
c. Revise the site once in awhile
Ans: d. Sell advertising on their site

Question 110: What is one unfavorable trait sometimes seen in affiliate marketing?
a. The cost is low
Ans: b. It brings additional traffic to a site
c. Affiliate will use unethical techniques to drive customers in hopes of earning a commission
d. It is only paid for based on successful selling

Question 111: What is a secondary reason to actively maintain a company blog, besides giving potential customers something to read?
a. It keeps the marketing staff busy in down times
Ans: b. It impresses clients
c. A well maintained blog will help increase page rank with search engines
d. It makes the company seem larger than it is

Question 112: What is the purpose of a traditional press release?
a. Is acts as a direct marketing sales tool
b. It can be mailed out to potential clients
c. It announces company information to a widely dispersed group of people
Ans: d. It target markets to internet users

Question 113: What is the purpose of sending a monthly newsletter?
a. It creates work for employees at the company
b. It builds branding creates awareness and connection with potential clients
Ans: c. It gives people a chance to opt out of ever talking to your company again
d. Required by law

Question 114: What is an auto-responder?
a. A person who replaces to all emails for the company
b. An automatic email message sent to someone who takes an action such as submitting a form on a company website
Ans: c. A method of direction communication with clients
d. An email relay system

Question 115: What is the “active voice” style of writing ads?
a. Using “you” and not “I” or “we”- directing wording towards the customer
b. Writing in the first person
Ans: c. Writing in the third person
d. Speaking omnisciently

Question 116: What is the formula for calculating cost per customer acquisition?
a. Marketing spent on television divided by the number of new customers
b. Sales divided by customers
c. Total marketing budget divided by all customers ever
Ans: d. Total marketing budget for a specific period divided by the number of new customers for that same period

Question 117: What is “cost per customer acquisition”?
Ans: a. The amount a company pays a customer to try their product
b. The average cost of marketing spent per new customer
c. The cost of marketing staff
d. The cost to beat competitors

Question 118: What is “cost per action”?
Ans: a. Same as pay per click
Ans: b. A payment agreement where a specific action creates a payable event for the affiliate such as a click a purchase a number of page views
c. A payment agreement where costs change depending on volume
d. The product cost

Question 119: What is an “impression”?
a. When a person buys a product from a site
Ans: b. When your ad is displayed on a page online, not necessarily clicked on
Ans: c. When an ad is clicked on when an ad on
d. When an ad makes an impression on a client

Question 120: What is meant by “web 2.0”?
a. The resurgence of internet companies with more interactive focus, such as blogging and social networking
b. Any website which has survived the dot com bust
c. Sites made using new technology
Ans: d. Internet companies who focus on retail sales

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  1. I feel some answers are incorrect with regards to open rate, niche marketing, traditional marketing, etc,.