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Saturday, August 17, 2013

oDesk MS Execl 2000/2003 Test Answers-1

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Listed to important information about the current time MS Execl 2000/2003 Test Answers on oDesk. The following information is below --------

Question 1: When using the VLOOKUP function, the error #REF! will appear in a cell if_________
a. The loolup_value is not found in the first column of the table_array
Ans: b. The col_index_num argument is greater than the number of columns in table_array
c. The table_array argument included empty columns on the left of the table_array

Question 2: What function does the 'Compare Side by Side With' Command on the Window perform?
a. It allows you to compare two worksheets simultaneously in a single workbook
Ans: b. It allows you to scroll through two or more workbooks simultaneously
Ans: c. It allows you to scroll through only two workbooks simultaneously to identify the difference between them
d. It only allows you scroll through more than two worksheets in a single workbook simultaneously.

Question 3: Which of the following functions would return a value of 8?
(b) rounddown(8,4999,0) and (c) round(8,4999,0)
Ans: b and c

Question 4: The figure shows a view of the Standard Toolbar. What function is performed by the button marked by the letter Y
Ans: It adds up the values in the selected cells

Question 5: Which of the following errors appears when an invalid argument is passed while converting a number system from another system?
a. #N/A
b. Blank cell appears
c. # ERROR
Ans: d. #NUM

Question 6: The figure shows a view of the Drawing Toolbar. What function is performed by the button marked by the letter X ?
Ans: It inserts a Diagram or Organization Chart in the worksheet

Question 7: This question is based upon the figure shown below
The figure show a view of the Standard Toolbar. What function is performed by the bottom marked by the letter 'Z'?
a. It is used to add a background color to the selected cell
b. It is used to add a colored boundary around the selected cell
Ans: c. It copies the formatting properties from one cell to another
d. It deletes the values of all the selected cells

Question 8: This question is based upon the figure shown below
The figure show a view of the Standard Toolbar. What function is performed by the button marked by the letter 'A'?
a. It is used to publish the worksheet on a web browser for viewing over the internet
b. It is used to make the worksheet universally shareable
Ans: c. It is used to add a hyperlink

Question 9: Donelp you do this?
Ans: Select the cells, open the Window menu and click on Hide

Question 10: You have entered text in a cell which is too big for the cell. You want the text to appear in multiple line inside the same cell. What will you do?
a. Start typing in the cell and press the Enter key when you want to start another line
Ans: b. Use the Wrap Text option in the format -> Cells -> Alignment menu
c. Use the Shrink to Fit option in the Format -> Cells - > Alignment menu

Question 11: You define a print area in your worksheet, but later you select a smaller range of cells to print and then click Selection under the menu File->Print->Selection. What will happen?
a. The print area will be printed
Ans: b. The selected area will be printed
c. Excel will prompt you to de-select the selected area

Question 12: You select the row heading 10, 11 and 12 and then choose the menu option Insert->Rows. What will happen?
a. 3 new rows will be inserted after row 12
b. 1 new row will be inserted after row 12
Ans: c. 3 new rows will be inserted after row 9
d. 1 new row will be inserted after row 9

Question 13: By default, how is text horizontally aligned inside a cell in Excel?
Ans: Left aligned

Question 14: There is a workbook names Sales.xls which has a worksheet named Quarterly. The worksheet contains the quarterly sales figures for the company in cells A3 to A6. Now you want to create a formula in a different workbook that reads the quarterly sales figures and adds them up while the Sales workbook is open. Which of the following is the correct formula to do this?
a. =SUM[Sales.xls]Quarterly!A3:A6
b. = Sales.xls!SUM(A3:A6)
Ans: c. =SUM([Sales.xls]Quarterly!A3:A6)
d. =Sales.xls[Quarterly]SUM(A3:A6)

Question 15: When using the AutoFill handle to quickly fill a range of cells with the same or consecutive data, the cells need not be adjacent as long as they are within the same sheet.
Ans: False

Question 16: When the AutoSum button is clicked, Excel first looks for a range of numbers above the active cell.
Ans: True

Question 17: A relative cell reference changes when a formula is copied or moved to other locations.
Ans: True

Question 18: If cell entries are changed, the formula will automatically recalculate the values and insert the result in the cell containing the formula.
Ans: True

Question 19: How does the AutoComplete feature in Excel help you save time?
Ans: a. It automatically completes abbreviated words
b. It completes text and numeric entries that match an existing entry in the same column
c. It completes text entries that match an existing entry in the same worksheet
Ans: d. It complete text entries that match an existing entry in the same column

Question 20: The Merge button on the Formatting toolbar will merge selected cells and right align data within the cells.
Ans: False

Question 21: To move the insertion point down to the next cell, press:
Ans: Enter

Question 22: The cell range A3 through G3 should be keyed in as:
Ans: A3:G3

Question 23: A document created in Excel is referred to as a
Ans: workbook

Question 24: Use this handle to automatically insert the next month in the series, January:
Ans: Fill

Question 25: Which of these operators are in the correct order of operations?
Ans: ^,*,-

Question 26: Is the following statement true of false?
If a workbook is placed in the XLSTART folder, then the same workbook will open each time Excel is launched.
Ans: a. True
b. False

Question 27: If the text you entered into a cell does not fit, Excel will display ##### to indicate that the text is too long
Ans: True

Question 28: By default, data in a cell is centered
Ans: False

Question 29: When a new row is added into an Excel worksheet, by default, this row will be inserted just below the active cell.
Ans: True

Question 30: To insert a row, click Insert and then Rows
Ans: True

Question 31: The Split option causes the worksheet to be split into two window panes.
Ans: False

Question 32: A column is inserted immediately to the left of the column containing the active cell unless you choose otherwise
Ans: True

Question 33: You are making a sales performance report in Excel which you would like to present to the top management. Some of the column headings are too large and look out of place in their cells. You decide to display the headings as slanted text to save space. How can this be achieved?
a. By selecting Slanted Text on the Format->Cells->Font tab
Ans: b. By altering the Text Orientation on the Format->Cells->alignment tab
c. By selecting Superscript on the Format->Cells->Font tab
d. By choosing Center Across selection on the Format->Cells->Alignment tab

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