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Sunday, August 4, 2013

oDesk internet marketing test answer of 2013 – 2014-3

This is an effective advance test you should take for you to bid at the oDesk Job Market. Below are list of questions and answers. This site is for oDesk Success Guides and Tips, oDesk Sample Tests and Answers and Freelance Jobs Success info. Here is also available all kinds of results in oDesk or Freelancing Test.
Here is a latest oDesk internet marketing test answer of 2013. Thank you for visit this site. Don't forget to give me a like or comment.
Lets Start: oDesk internet marketing test answer of 2013 – 2014

SET 01: SL. NO. 01 to 25

SET 02: SL. NO. 26 to 50

SET 03: SL. NO. 51 to 75 RUNNING

Question 51: How should a company allocate its marketing budget among the various methods of internet marketing?
Ans: a. Depends on the company and what is most effective for its business
b.      Spread evenly among the methods chosen
c.       Haphazardly
d.      Spent most on email marketing

Question 52: What is meant by "viral marketing"?
a. Creating ads that users pay to watch
b. Creating ad campaigns which are expensive and well produced
c. Creating ad campaigns with a very narrow focus
Ans: d. creating ad campaigns which are inexpensive, gain massive popularity and become widely distributed.

Question 53: How can a company profit from a podcast directly?
a. Pay another company to host it
b. Charge for premium content
c. Set up an affiliate link
Ans: d. All podcasts are free, they can not be directly profitable

Question 54: What is one advantage to using a purchased email list?
a. The firm selling them often makes up fake email address
b. Large quantity of email addresses and markets otherwise not reached
c. The bounce rate is very low
Ans: d. It is targeted at your potential customers

Question 55: What are the four P's of marketing?
a.     Placement, Production, Procurement, Procedures
Ans: b.     Product, Price, Placement, Promotion
c.     Position, Price, Production, Premature
Ans: d.     Product, Promotion, Procedures, Procurement

Question 56: Why is reciprocal linking becoming an important way to reach potential clients?
Ans: a. Visitors to other sites of a similar nature to yours are likely to click on links to bring them to your site
b. It creates an income stream
c. It is the easiest way to create traffic
d. It builds goodwill

Question 57: Who was one of the original widely known affiliate marketers?
Ans: a.     Ebay
b.     AT&T
c.     WorldCom
Ans: d.     Amazon

Question 58: What is an important step early on when forming a web marketing strategy?
a.     Designing catchy ads
b.     Allocating a large budget to the project   
Ans: c.     Identifying your customer base
Ans: d.     Hiring a consulting firm

Question 59: How can chat rooms bolster site traffic?
a.     The competition can come to the chat and try to steal customers
b.     It gives the company a way to distance themselves from customers
c.     By having people talk positively about your company and by answering questions people may have in a non threatening, anonymous method
d.     It gives a way for customers to log complaints

Question 60: How are keywords utilized by search engines?
a.     They are all that the search engine uses to rank pages   
Ans: b.     The keywords are a brief description of what topics your site relates to
c.     They help the search engine decide how good your sites content is
d.     The keywords guarantee positioning

Question 61: What is a site index?
Ans: a.     A page which has a linkable outline of all of the pages on a website
c.     A site with special deals for purchasers
d.     A special ranking with search engines

Question 62: What is brand strategy?
Ans: a.     Creating the image you want your company perceived as and marketing in a way that portrays that image to customers
b.     Strategy for reaching customers worldwide
c.     Creating a package that catches peoples eyes
d.     Creating an image that contradicts competitor's assertations

Question 62: What is a "landing page"?
Ans: A. The page a potential customer sees when they click on your paid ad
b.     The main company website
c.     A page where the customer can buy the product
d.     Where the pay per click ads are created

Question 63: What type of income statement items are marketing expenses?
a.     Variable Cost
b.     Fixed Cost
c.     Revenue
d.     Cost of Good Sold

Question 64: What is search engine optimization?
a.     Paying for placement on a search engine results page   
Ans: b.     Building a site which has the qualities that search engines look for, which will ultimately get the site a high rank in the listings
c.     Optimization of a site so it gets more affiliate revenue
d.     Selling memberships to the site

Question 65: What are meta tags?
a.     The content of the site
Ans: b.     Embedded information about your website such as keywords
c.     Links to other sites
d.     Images on the site

Question 66: Why have social networkings sites become a popular method of internet marketing?
Ans: a.     They are free and easy to use
b.     They guarantee more traffic to your site
Ans: c.     Ease of use, large number of users, easy to target specific demographics
d.     They are a passing trend

Question 67: What is "bounce rate" in terms of email marketing?  
Ans: a.     The percentage of emails sent to a list which are returned as undeliverable
b.     The percentage of repeat clients
c.     The percentage of people who receive an email and buy the product
d.     The percentage of people who click the links in an email

Question 68: How can posting on other message boards help drive traffic to a company site?
a.     You can steal away clients from other companies directly
b.     You can tell lies about competitors
c.     You can trump up claims of what your company does
d.     By becoming an expert on a subject and giving people information which demonstrates your company's knowledge and expertise

Question 69: How are Pay Per Click ad campaigns billed?
a.     Everytime an ad is displayed it costs the company money
b.     Set monthly fee regardless of impressions or clicks
c.     Discounted based on length of commitment
Ans: d. The customer pays each time their ad is clicked on, usually billed monthly

Question 70: How do firms typically budget once positive results are seen from their internet marketing campaign?
a.     Decrease the overall budget
b.     Spend more on the methods which are not producing results
Ans: c.     Increase the budget and focus on those activities which are working
d.     Stop marketing

Question 71: What is the primary goal of web marketing?
a.     To give the target market an ad like they would see on TV
b.     To sell customers on the spot
c.     To earn affiliate income
d.     To drive potential customers to the company website

Question 72: What is the best way to make internet marketing effective?
a.     Focus on one specific technique such as direct email
b.     Use a myriad of methods online
c.     Spend a lot of money on it
d.     Use email marketing first

Question 73: What is a "call to action"?
a.     Hoping the customer buys your product
b.     Recruiting new employees
c.     Creating a new ad campaign
Ans: d.     Using verbs to encourage people to take an action

Question 74: What is the purpose of having a special landing page for a PPC ad?
a.     It costs less if done that way
b.     It gives the potential to have mixed messages on the site
Ans: c.     Statistics can be gathered on the page, as well as special offers can be shown to the ad clicker
d.     Customers expect it

Question 75: Which 3 industries are the largest users of affiliate marketing?
a. Prescription drugs, electronics, child products
b. Gambling, adult, retail
c. Retail outlets, bakeries, beverage
d. Computer equipment, auto manufacturers , construction
Answer: Computer equipment, auto manufacturers, construction


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