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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

oDesk Social Media Marketing Test Answers

 oDesk Social Media promoting check Answers
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Question 1: What methods of social network marketing should a company always use?
a. Blogging only
Ans: b. Twitter, Blogs, Facebook
c. YouTube
Ans: d. Depends on the company, their product, their audience

Question 2: What is the term adopted for updates by Twitter users?
Ans: a. Tweets
b. Twoots
c. Twinks
d. Posts

Question 3: What is meant by “guerilla marketing”?
Ans: a. Using resources such as time, energy and imagination rather than money to market
Ans: b. Using advertising spots which utilize gorillas to capture the audience
Ans: c. Having a large scale marketing budget
d. Using television ads instead of web ads

Question 4: What is meant by Brand Management?
a. Managing the marketing staff
b. Management of the marketing budget
Ans: c. The company executive management team
Ans: d. Creating a consistent image for the company

Question 5: Why is it important to post to a blog regularly?
a. It reduces the cost per blog post
Ans: b. Keep readers engaged and also give search engines content to index
c. It gives the social media marketing specialist something to do
d. It allows more chances for the company to put

Question 6: What is "guerrilla marketing"?
a. Marketing geared towards animal lovers
b. Marketing which relies on time and energy rather than a large dollar budget
c. Aggressive sales techniques
d. Marketing using a large scale national budget

Question 7: What is meant by guerrilla marketing
Ans: Using resources such as time, energy and imagination rather than money to market

Question 8: Which of the following is an important aspect of creating blogs and posting content?
Ans: a. Using a witty user name
Ans: b. Posting at least once a month to the blog
Ans: c. Social Media Optimization
d. Using humor

Question 9: What is a "vlog"?
a. Video Log
Ans: b. Video blog
c. Log of blog activity
Ans: d. New technology to aid in blogging

Question 10: What can a company do on Facebook apart from their page to create a following?
a. Post more updates than usual
b. Post controversial posts
c. Use several pictures
Ans: d. Use Groups, both company originated and posting to other groups

Question 11: What is meant by the "blogsphere"?
a. The act of writing a blog
b. Specific niche blog community
c. The interconnected community of blogs via linking to each other
d. Advertising done via blogging

Question 12: How can a company ensure that the proper audience finds their YouTube videos?
Ans:     a. Post links on the company blog to the YouTube videos
b. There is no method to effectively direct people to the company videos
Ans: c. Use of keywords
d. Sending out mail advertisements

Question 13: In a company who should own the social marketing plan?
Ans: a. Head of Marketing
Ans: b. CFO
c. President
d. Operational staff

Question 14: What is meant by "micro-blogging"?
Ans: a. Blogging daily
b. Blogs which are posted by companies, not individuals
Ans: c. Blogs with limited individual posts, limited by character count typically
d. Blogging from mobile devices

Question 15: What is meant by A/B testing in marketing?
a. Testing of 2 different products
Ans: b. Testing 2 versions of an advertisement to see which elicits the best response
c. Clinical testing of medical products before legally allowing them for sale
d. Testing via 2 mediums, such as radio and television

Question 16: What is “social media optimization”?
Ans: a. Creating content which easily creates publicity via social networks
b. Writing clear content
c. Creating short content which is easily indexed
d. Hiring people to create content for social networks

Question 17: What  place does Pricing have in marketing?
a. Higher prices guarantee higher revenue stream
b. The company should actively market how much their products cost
Ans: c. Different pricing levels can be tested to see what elicits the best consumer response
d. Marketing based on the pricing level relative to competition is important

Question 18: What would the marketing budget section of a marketing plan detail?
a. The cost to write the plan
Ans: b. The expected costs for each ad campaign based on the delivery method
Ans: c. The overall marketing budget for a year
d. The marketing personnel job descriptions

Question 19: How can a company use the same material for both traditional and social network marketing?
a. Posting a luring comment on Twitter the company site
b. Selling ad space on the company website
Ans: c. Utilizing a television ad campaign online as well on their site and sites such as YouTube
Ans: d. Creating a magazine print ad with the company website

Question 20: What is the ultimate goal of social network marketing plan?
a. To satisfy investors in the company
b. To justify spending in marketing
c. To find investors for a company
d. Drive potential customers to the company and give them an action time to perform


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