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Saturday, August 10, 2013

oDesk MS Word 2003 test answers today update

MS Word 2003 Test and Answers following bellow .............
Syllabus of the Test:
Automation and Built-in Features
Working with Tables and Frames
Word 2003 Fundamentals
Formatting Characters using Word 2003
Formatting Paragraphs using Word 2003
Printing Options in Word 2003
Working with Graphics in Word 2003

oDesk MS Word 2003 test answers

SET: 3 SL. 61 to 90 RUNNING PAGE

Question 61: The figure shows the edit tab under the Tool >Options menu The Enable click and type Options has been checked what does the this potation performs.
Ans:  Its allows you to quickly insert text, graphics, table or other items in a blank area of a document.

Question 62: Which of the following functions is used to replace quotes (“) will smart quotes (“) in the text documents.
Ans: Tools> Auto format

Question 63: Wrapping styles can be used to modify the layout of text in relation to a graphic. Which style wraps the text around a graphic in an irregular shape bounding the actual image? (The graphic will move as text is added or deleted.)
a. In front of text
b. Square
c. Behind text
Ans: d. In line with text
Ans: e. Tight

Question 64: The given figure shows the reviewing toolbar. What function is performed by the button marked by the letter X.
Ans:  a. It allows you to highlight the selected text or graphic in a document.
Ans: b.  It allows you to insert comments in a document. 
Ans: c. It inserts a Diagram or Organization Chart in the worksheet

Question 65: The fiqure shows the Save As dialog box under File menu. The Save As type has been specified as XML document and them apply transfrom option has been checked (selected). What does this mean.
Ans: It allows you to change the author name for the XML file.

Question 66: In Microsoft word 2003, you can easily created bulleted or numbered lists of items. What is the method for removing the numbering.
Ans: Highlight the number list choose formats > Bullets and numbers from the menu and click none click ok.

Question 67: Which word 2003 toolbar is show in the figure?
Ans: Picture toolbar

Question 68: What does the Format Painter icon look like in the Formatting Toolbar?
c.     Like an arrow

Question 69: How can you redo the last performed action in Word 2003?
Ans: a. Press the CTRL+Y key.
b. Press the SHIFT+X key.
c. Choose Redo Action from the Window menu.
d. Press the F9 key.
Ans: e. None of the Above

Question 70: State whether True or False
You create a table in Word 2003 and enter some values in various cells and save the document. Later, you decide to delete the table. If you directly try to delete the table, Word 2003 will first prompt you to delete the various values in the cells.
a. True
Answer : b. False

Question 71: State whether True or False.
In a Word 2003 document, if the formatting is restricted, the commands and keyboard shortcuts that apply formatting directly are not available.
Ans: a.     True 
b. False   
c.     Convert   

Question 72: What is the minimum number of rows and columns that a Word 2003 table can have?
a. Zero
b. 2 Rows and 1 Column
c. 2 Rows and 2 Columns
Ans: d. 1 Row and 1 Column
e. 1 Row and 2 Columns

Question 73: When you choose the Split option in the Window menu, the window gets split into two. How can you return to the original state (i.e., back to a single window)?
Ans: a. Left click on the Window menu and choose Remove Split.
b. Left click on the Edit menu and choose Undo Split.
c. Left click on the Window menu and choose Delete Split.
Ans: d. Left click on the Tools menu and choose Remove Split.
e. Left click on the Window menu and choose Split Window.

Question 74: You can add headers and footers to a document from the menu View > Header and Footer. Why are headers and footers used in a document?
a. To enhance the overall appearance of the document.
b. To mark the starting and ending of a page.
c. To make large documents more readable.
Ans: d. To allow page headers and footers to appear on the document when it is printed.
e. To allow page headers and footers to appear on a web page when it is previewed in a browser.

Question 75: What is the function of hanging indents in Microsoft Word 2003?
a. The Hanging Indent feature indents each line except the last line by the amount specified in the By field.
b. The Hanging Indent feature indents the last line by the amount specified in the By field.
Ans: c. The Hanging Indent feature indents each line except the first line by the amount specified in the By field.
d. The Hanging Indent feature indents all the highlighted lines by the amount specified in the By field.
e. The Hanging Indent feature right indents the first line by the amount specified in the By field.

Question 76: Which of the following bitmap (raster) file formats has the lowest resolution (only 8 bits per pixel)?
a. JPG
Ans: c. GIF
d. PNG
e. BMP

Question 77: Why are footnotes and endnotes used in printed documents?
a. To mention the page number at the bottom of the page.
b. To mention the current date and the date the document was created.
Ans: c. To explain, comment on, or provide references for text in a document.
Ans: d. To add html links that can link the document to a web page.

Question 78: How can you make letters bold?
a. By clicking on the Bold icon in the formatting toolbar.
b. By Pressing ALT+B.
Ans: c. By Pressing CTRL+B.
e. By highlighting the desired text and choosing the AutoCorrect function in the Tools menu.

Question 79: The figure shows the “Indents and Spacing” tab options under the menu Format > Paragraph. The Line spacing has been set at “Exactly”. What does this mean?
a. The line spacing is fixed, and Word 2003 does not adjust it. This option does not space all lines evenly.
b. Word 2003 sets the line spacing at exactly one-and-one-half times that of single line spacing.
c. Word 2003 accommodates the largest font in that line, plus a small amount of extra space depending upon the font used.
Ans: d. The line spacing is fixed, and Word 2003 does not adjust it. This option spaces all lines evenly.

Question 80: In the figure, the words "fox jumped" appear lower than the rest of the words in the sentence. Which effect has been applied to these words?
b.     Lowered       

Question 81: The figure shows the Drop Cap menu option. What function does this option perform?
d.     It automatically starts all paragraphs and sentences with capital letters.

Question 82: The figure shows the Margins tab under the File > Page Setup menu. The gutter

Question 83: What is thesaurus used for?
c.     Synonyms and Antonyms     

Question 84: Frames and text boxes are containers for text that can be positioned and sized on a page. Which of those two containers should you use in Word 2003 when your text or graphics contain comments, footnotes, or endnotes?
c.     Either      

Question 85: When you press the TAB key, the cursor moves 1/2 inch across the page and an arrow appears on the screen. This is a default setting. How can you change this setting?
c.     Choose Format > Tabs from the menu. In the "Default tab stops" box, enter the amount of spacing you want between tab stops.  

Question 86: Your document consists of ten pages. You would like to print page 1, page 2, page 4, page 5, page 7, page 8, page 9, and page 10. Which of the following are valid page ranges that you can specify at the time of printing the document?
b.     1-2,4-5,7-10

Question 87: Which function key will allow you to check the spelling of the complete document if you have not changed the shortcut key's settings?
e.     F5

Question 88: Which Task Pane of Word 2003 is shown in the given figure?
b.     Protect Document task pane

Question 89: What does the CTRL+I shortcut accomplish in Word 2003?
d.     It applies italic formatting to the selected text.

Question 90: What does CTRL+Left Arrow key accomplish in Word 2003?
d.     It initiates the spell check procedure.

Question 91: Which of the following functions is used to replace straight quotes ("") with smart quotes ("") in a text document?
c.     Tools > AutoCorrect Options > AutoFormat

TO CONTINUE ....................


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