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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

oDesk Social Media Marketing Test Answers - 5

oDesk Social Media promoting check Answers
Social Media promoting check answers on oDesk for brand spanking new freelancer
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Question 81: What is a "call to action"?
Ans:  a. Giving an advertisement's receiver a specific direction such as 'visit the site'
b. Using telemarketing to reach out to potential customers
c. Defaming the competition
d. Creating a new marketing campaign

Question 82: What are the four P’s of marketing?
Ans: a. Placement, production, procurement, procedures
b. Product, price, place, promotion
c. Position, price, production, premature
Ans: d. Product, promotion, procedures, procurement

Question 83: Why is affiliate marketing a favorable from of marketing?
a. It is inexpensive.
b. Nothing is paid unless there is a sale resulting from the affiliate’s efforts.
Ans: c. It guarantees increased sales
d. It is complex so not many people utilize it

Question 84: What is meant by “Marketing Creative”?
a. The employees in the marketing department
Ans: b. The content for marketing and its creative aspect
c. The methods used to distribute marketing material
d. The branding image of the company

Question 85: Which type of marketing would be a company blog be considered?
a. Social Network Marketing
b. Traditional Marketing
c. Both
d. Neither

Question 86: What would be the marketing budget section of a marketing plan consist of?
a. The cost to write the plan
Ans: b. The expected costs for each ad campaign based on the delivery method
c. The overall marketing budget for a year
d. The marketing personnel job descriptions

Question 87: What is one measure a company can use to validate the usefulness of its video posts on YouTube?
a. The number of followers
Ans: b. The amount of views of the video
c. The number of videos the company has up
Ans: d. The sales volume of the company

Question 88: What does the product portion of the 4 P's of marketing focus on?
Ans: a. The product or service being marketed to consumers
b. The manufacturing process
c. How the price will be set for the product
Ans: d. How the new product will be promoted

Question 89: What additional feature does Facebook have that helps engage in a dialogue with followers?
a. Ability to leave messages for each other
b. Ability to chat live
c. Ability to post updates live
d. Ability to post updates from a mobile device
e. All of the above

Question 90: Why would a company possibly want so spend more on PPC early on
Ans: to drive traffic to their site and increase awareness

Question 91: Why are purchased email lists typically ineffective?
a. They are too expensive
b. They distribute an email to far more people than the company has in its contacts
Ans: c. They make up fake emails to sell
d. They are not targeted at customers specific to your company and have high bounce rates

Question 92: Why has web marketing become a popular form of marketing?
a. It is much cheaper than other forms and often more effective
b. Television advertising is being offered less
c. It is easier than traditional marketing
Ans: d. It has been heavily advertised

Question 93: Why would a firm employ guerilla web marketing?
a. It is guaranteed to work
b. It allows greater flexibility
Ans: c. It gives the firm more control over its marketing budget.
d. It is unconventional and can often leave a lasting impression on potential customers

Question 94: What is contingency plan?
a. A second written plan in case management doesn't like the original plan
b. A detailed marketing plan
c. A set of actions to be taken if the origin l plan does not perform as anticipated
d. A marketing plan written just for social networking

Question 95: Why is affiliate marketing a favorable form of marketing
Ans: it grantees increased sales

Question 96: Why are affiliates not the same as having a sales force?
a. The affiliates are virtual
b. The affiliates can be based anywhere in the world
c. The affiliate only drives traffic, they do not necessarily convert them to sales
Ans: d. The affiliates have limited availability

Question 97: Why is it important to fine tune the timing of the ad and keywords used
Ans: to carefully target the customer base desired, not wasting impressions and clicks

Question 98: Why is the subject line of any email comparing important
Ans: it is all the receiver sees besides the email address until they open the email

Question 99: How do listeners decide what is a worthwhile podcast to continually listen to?
a. High quality audio and high quality content
b. If it’s funny
c. Broad based podcasts with no general direction
Ans: d. Having several hosts and a myriad of topics