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Saturday, August 3, 2013

oDesk MS Excel 2007 Test Answers: 7

Microsoft Excel 2003 or 2007 Test
Read the Online Testing Policies and the instructions below prior to taking the test.
This test will cover the following topics:
Excel Fundamentals
Entering Data into Worksheets
Formatting Excel Worksheets
Excel In-built Features
Formulas and Calculations using Excel

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Question 151: You would like to restrict the values that can be entered into a cell so that only whole numbers between 1 and 100 can be entered. Which option in the menu allows you to accomplish this?
Ans: The setting tab under the menu Data->Validation

Question 152: What is a watermark?
d.     An image or picture anywhere in the document that links to a Web page on the Internet.

Question 153: If cell entries are changed, the formula will automatically recalculate the values and insert the result in the cell containing the formula.
Ans: True

Question 154: The Merge button on the Formatting toolbar will merge selected cells and right align data within the cells.
Ans: False

Question 155: To move the insertion point down to the next cell, press:
Ans: Enter
Question 156: The cell range A3 through G3 should be keyed in as:
Ans: A3:G3

Question 157: A document created in Excel is referred to as a
Ans: workbook

Question 158: Which of the following functions is used to replace straight quotes ("") with smart quotes ("") in a text document?
c.     Tools > AutoCorrect Options > AutoFormat 69. If the text you entered into a cell does not fit, Excel will display ##### to indicate that the text is too long

Question 159: By default, data in a cell is centered
Ans: False

Question 160: When a new row is added into an Excel worksheet, by default, this row will be inserted just below the active cell.
Ans: True

Question 161: To insert a row, click Insert and then Rows
Ans: True

Question 162: The Split option causes the worksheet to be split into two window panes.
Ans: False

Question 163: A column is inserted immediately to the left of the column containing the active cell unless you choose otherwise
Ans: True

Question 164: To delete a specific cell as well as the text within it, make the cell active and then
Ans: click Edit and then Delete

Question 165: Which of the following is an absolute cell reference
Ans: $B3

Question 166: To select nonadjacent cells, columns, or rows, you must
Ans: hold down the Ctrl key while clicking column, row header, or specific cells

Question 167: When copying selected cells to a new location, you must position the mouse pointer on any border around the selected cells until it turns into a(n)
Ans: arrow pointer

Question 168: When data is linked, a change made in a linked cell is automatically made to other cells in the link.
Ans: True

Question 169: Selected cells and cell contents can be moved or copied within a worksheet but not between worksheets.
Ans: False

Question 170: Time in a cell in Excel is stored as a decimal fraction representing a portion of the day

Question 171: The PMT function is used to calculate a loan payment based on a variable interest rate, payment, and the time period.
Ans: False

Question 172: The gridlines that appear on your worksheet will print as displayed.
Ans: False

Question 173: The FV function is used to calculate the future value of an investment based on a periodic constant payment and interest rate
Ans: True

Question 174: To apply page numbering to a worksheet page, which option in the Page Setup dialog box should you choose
Ans: Header/Footer

Question 175: If a function is included in an argument within a function, it is called a
Ans: Nested Function

Question 176: If you want row and column headings to print, which tab do you click from the Page Setup dialog box?
Ans: Header/Footer

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