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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Odesk Windows Xp Test Answers today-2

Odesk Windows Xp Test Answers
It is important to pass oDesk windows xp test. Today I will give you the answers of those questions. I was passed oDesk windows xp test by giving answer by the following format. You will get passed by following this but do not get full marks. This is important that you have need 2.5 marks to pass odesk windows xp test. I think it will helpful to pass oDesk windows xp test.

Odesk Windows Xp Test Answers today

SET 01: SL. 01-25

SET 02: SL. 26-50 RUNNING

SET 03: SL. 51-75

SET 04: SL. 76-102

Question 26: Which of the following statements about Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is/are true?
a.     Using ICS, you can connect different computers to the Internet using just one dial-up connection, however you require at least two modems.
b.     You require a router for using ICS.
Ans: c.     Using ICS, a single computer can connect to more than one dial-up connection.
d.     Using ICS, a single computer can connect to a dial-up and DSL connection simultaneously.
Ans: e.     Using ICS, multiple computers can connect to the Internet through only one dial-up connection.

Question 27: Which of the following statements about icons on the desktop is correct?
a.     You can rename an icon by left-clicking the mouse button and selecting Rename.
Ans: b.     You can rename an icon by right-clicking the mouse button and selecting Rename.
c.     You can delete an icon by left-clicking and selecting Delete.
d.     You cannot rename an icon.

Question 28: Windows XP has an On-Screen Keyboard function that could be used by a pointer device in case the keyboard is not functioning (True or False?)
Ans: a. True
b. False

Question 29: You have created a directory called TEST that includes the files test1.txt, test2.txt, test3.txt, test4.txt, test5.txt and test6.txt. How can you select test2.txt, test3.txt and test6.txt from the list of files visible in the Windows Explorer?
Ans: a. Press Ctrl and click on the three required files, one by one.
b. Press Shift and click on the three required files, one by one.
c. Press Alt and click on the three required files. one by one.
d. Right-click each file name, one by one, and choose the Cut option.

Question 30: Starting with Windows 95, the File Manager tool for organizing and controlling the files and folders of the computer's storage systems, such as the hard drive(s) and disk drive(s) has been called:

a.     Windows Manager
b.     Internet Explorer
Ans: c.     Windows Explorer
d.     Windows Task Manager

Question 31: Windows XP has several command-line utility tools for troubleshooting the computer. Suppose that your computer seems to have a problem with connecting to the Internet. Before reporting your connectivity problems to your ISP, which tool could you use to display the current TCP/IP network configuration values and to refresh the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Domain Name System (DNS) settings?
a.     Ping
Ans: b.     Ipconfig
Ans: c.     Tracert
d.     Msconfig

Question 32: Which of the following activities can you accomplish with the Remote Desktop feature in Windows XP?
a.     You can get a miniature view of your desktop by clicking on the Desktop icon.
b.     You can automatically clear up unwanted Desktop icons.
Ans: c.     You can view files and documents on your computer's desktop from a coworker's computer.
Ans: d.     You can view files and documents on any computer's desktop from your computer.

Question 33: Which of the following statements is true if you open an existing file, make changes to it, and save it with a new name?
a. The original file will be deleted.
Ans: b. The original file remains unchanged.
c. The changes will be saved in the original file
d. The original file is sent to the Recycle Bin

Question 34: Which of the following statements about the Stand By option while shutting down your computer is/are correct?
a. It waits for 5 minutes before shutting down the computer.
Ans: b. It helps to conserve power by shutting off some hardware, like the hard disk.
c. It shuts down the computer for specific time and then restarts it.
d. Stand By will save your desktop and all open files to a special Windows file called hiberfil.sys. This file usually resides in the computer’s root folder (C:\hiberfil.sys).

Question 35: A new function of Windows XP that allows two or more users in a local network to use only one Internet connection by routing all the Internet traffic through one computer is called __________________.
a.     Internet Routing
Ans: b.     Windows Internet Sharing (WIS)
Ans: c.     Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
d.     Windows Connection Sharing (WCS)

Question 36: Which of the following type of objects can you search on your computer and on the network, using Windows XP Search Companion?
a. People in your contact list
b. Pictures
c. Documents
d. Windows Help
Ans: e. All of the above

Question 37: With Windows XP, the default display resolution is 800x600 in 32-bit true color. With some computers 32-bit video tends to slow down screen redraws. How could you drop the screen depth to 16 bits instead of 32 bits in order to speed up the display in older PCs, especially laptops?
a.     In the Colors control panel, set the Colors option to Medium (16 bits).
b.     In the Color Management control panel, set the Color depth to Medium (16 bits).
c.     In the System control panel, set the Monitor depth to 16 bits.
Ans: d.     In the Display Properties dialog box, on the Settings page, set the Color quality option to Medium (16 bits).

Question 38: Accelerator (hot) keys: Several menu commands, such as File, Edit, Table, or Tools, have one underlined letter as shown. The command associated with the underlined character can be Quickly executed if that character is entered on the keyboard immediately after the _____ key is pressed.
b.     Alt

Question 39: Which of the following statements about Windows XP features is/are correct?
a.     Windows XP can automatically download updates.
b.     Windows XP offline files allows you to synchronize your files with your file server.
d.     There is a “System Restore” functionality within Windows XP.
Ans: a.b.d

Question 40: Which of the following is/are valid Window's file names?
Ans:     a.     expert-rating
b.     expert rating
c.     expert*rating
d.     643764736
e.     expert rating certifications!

Question 41: Which of the following would be a System Restore feature in Windows XP?
a.     It allows you to take a quick backup of your important data.
b.     It helps you recover data that has been lost due to a hard disk crash.
c.     It allows you to quickly clean up unwanted files, folders, and desktop icons.
Ans: d.     It allows you to restore your computer to a previous state in case of a system problem.
e.     It allows you to quickly reinstall Windows XP in case of need.

Question 43: You can create and edit files using the Windows Notepad. What are the extensions of a file that has been created using Notepad?
a.     .doc
Ans: b.     .text
Ans: c.     .txt
d.     .html

Question 45: What happens when you hold down the Windows button key and press the E key?
Ans: a.     It opens the Windows Explorer.
b.     It opens the Internet Explorer.
c.     It opens the default search engine.
d.     It opens the color settings.

Question 46: A new feature introduced in Windows XP that allows another user to log in and use the system without having to log out the previous user and Quit any running applications is known in Windows XP as:
a.     Multiple user login
b.     Simulcasting
Ans: c.   Fast user switching
d.     Multiprocessing

Question 47: Which key combination would you use to flip between open windows?
Ans: a.     Alt + Shift
Ans: b.     Alt + Tab
c.     Ctrl + Tab
d.     Ctrl + Alt

Question 48: What should you type on the command prompt to return back to Windows?
Ans: a. Quit
b. Return
c. Leave
Ans: d. Exit

Question 49: Windows XP tracks whatever files that load during every boot and application launches, and the operating system uses that information to prefetch files into RAM. These prefetch data are parsed into a file named __________ located in the Windows\Prefetch folder on the boot drive. Every three days, a limited defragmentation operation automatically occurs in the background during idle for only those files in that file to further speed up the computer's file access.    
a.     Defrag.sys    
Ans: b.     Prefetch.sys   
Ans: c.     Defrag.ini    
d.     Layout.ini

Question 50: The hard-drive utility tool in Windows XP for automatically fixing file system errors or for searching for and attempted recovery of bad sectors is:
Ans: a.     CheckDisk (CHKDSK)
b.     SystemCheck (SYSCHK)
c.     DiskFix (DSKFX)
d.     DiskScan (DSKSCN)

Question 5: By hovering the mouse pointer over the clock, what happens?
a. It displays the time in a bigger font.
Ans: b. It will speak out the time through the speaker connected to the computer.
c. It will show the time in analog format.
Ans: d. It will display the current day of the week and the date.

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