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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

oDesk SEO Test Questions And Answers Today- 1

To beautify your life so as to draw in perfect clients wish to you wish pass Search Engine Optimization improvement. However does one prove your skills development and set you specialists from the competition? If you a great many oDesk tests as you'll be able to presumably manage of my blog sites. You ought to your aim to get high and avoid average scores as a result of SEO conjointly options in your profile. Precisely you arrivals your favorite on-line market place oDesk useful sites. For certain begin SEO improvement check verified that you simply area unit a true be SEO skilled WHO has following my blog post.

Syllabus of the Test:
The Search Engines Industry
Google Search Technology
SEO Techniques
Search Engines and Directories
Link Popularity and Linking Strategies
Keyword Selection and Optimization Strategies
Working with Meta Tags

And you start....................
oDesk SEO Test Questions And Answers Today

Question 1: Which of the following statements about Google’s technical and quality guidelines is true?
a. It is advantageous if your web server supports the If-Modified-Since HTTP heade
Ans: b. If using dynamic pages, it helps to keep the parameters short and the number of them few
c. Avoid using robots.txt to prevent crawling of search results pages or other auto-generated pages, even if they don’t add much value for users coming from search engines
Ans: d. Submitting new pages of your website at as soon as they are online, helps to speed up indexing

Question 2: Which of the following is an ethical SEO Technique?
a.Creating a subdomain with the hottest keyword and creating duplicate copies of existing pages on it
Ans: b. Filling your pages with keywords, whether relevant to the page content or not
Ans: c. Creating a page which serves a different content to the search engine bots and different to human users
Ans: d. None of the above

Question 3: How are site maps important for the search engine optimization process?
a.Site maps help the search engine editorial staff to quickly go through a website, hence ensuring quicker placement
b.Ggives credit to the websites having site maps. The GoogleBot looks for the keyword or title “Site Map” on the home page of a website.
Ans: c.Site maps help the search engine spider pick up more pages from the website
d.None of the above
Question 4: Which of the following factors have an impact on the Google PageRank?
ANS: a.The total number of inbound links to a page of a web site
b.The subject matter of the site providing the inbound link to a page of a web site
c.The text used to describe the inbound link to a page of a web site
d.The number of outbound links on the page that contains the inbound link to a page of a web site

Question 5: Which of the following statements about the Google Sitemap are correct:
Ans: a.Repeated submission of the Sitemap to Google could be penalized
b.It is possible to create and submit specialized Sitemaps to Google for Video and Mobile content
c.The Sitemap acceptable to Google follows an XML format

Question 6: Are RSS/Atom feeds returned in Google’s search results?
Ans: b.No

Question 7: What is the most likely time period required for getting a google page ranking?
a.1 week
b. 3 weeks
c. 1 month
Ans: d. More than 3 months

Question 8: Which of the following statement is correct with regard's to the images within a web page?
a.Images can not be spidered by the search engine (check)
Ans: b. Important keywords related to the image should be plcaed in the ALT text
c.Images should always be kept close to the top of a web page
d. Image maps should be used while including the images

Question 9: Which of the following search engines or directories provides the directory search results for Yahoo?
a. Windows Live
Ans: b. Yahoo Directory
c. Google
d. Wikipedia
Ans: e. DMOZ
Ans: b.     A website that provides free content for the related keywords   

Question 10: Which of the following statements regarding website content are correct?                                                            
Ans: a. If you have two versions of a document on your website, Google recommends that you only allow the indexing of the better version
Ans: b. Linking to a page inconsistently does not affect the way Google views the page/s. Examples of inconsistent linking could be and and
Ans: c. Syndicating your content could lead to Google viewing the material as duplicate
d. Placeholders for pages which do not have content are never viewed as duplicate content by Google

Question 11: What is keyword density?
Ans: a. The number of times the keyword is used / (divided by) the total word count on page - (minus) the total words in HTML on the page
b. The number of times the keyword is used x (multiply by) the total word count on page.
c. The number of times the keyword is used in the page description
Ans: d. The number of times the keyword is used in the page title
Ans: e. The number of times the keyword is used / (divided by) the total word count on the page.

Question 12: State whether the following statement is true or false. A sitemap provide a list of natural links to user accessible pages on a website
a. True
Ans: b. False

Question 13: What does the term Keyword Prominence refer to?
a.It refers to the fact that the importance of choosing high traffic keywords leads to the best return on investment
Ans: b.It refers to the importance attached to getting the right keyword density
Ans: c.It refers to the fact that the keywords placed in important parts of a webpage are given priority by the search engines
d.It refers to the fact that the keywords in bold font are given priority by the search engines

Question 14: Which of the following factors does Google take into account while assessing whether or not a website is an authority website?
Ans: a.    The frequency with which the content of the website is updated(Answer)
Ans: b.    The number of web pages containing relevant information on the main theme of the website(Answer)
Ans: c.    The number of in-bound natural links related to the website’s theme (or keywords) (Answer)
d.    None of the above

Question 15: What is Anchor Text?
a.    It is the main body of text on a particular web page
b.    It is the text within the left or top panel of a web page
Ans: c.    It is the visible text that is hyper linked to another page(Answer)
d.    It is the most prominent text on the page that the search engines use to assign a title to the page

Question 16: If you search for the term “iq test” in the Word Tracker keyword suggestion tool, will it return the number of independent searches for the term “iq”?
Ans: a.    Yes
Ans: b.    No
Question 17: Which of the following statements are correct with regard to using javascript within the web pages?
b. Search engines cannot read Javascript
c. It is a good idea to shift the Javascript into a separate file

Question 18: Which of the following statement is correct with regards to the images within a web page?
Ans: b. Important keywords related to the image should be placed in the ALT text

Question 19: What is the illegal act of copying of a page by unauthorized parties in order to filter off traffic to another site called?
a.    Trafficjacking
b.    Visitorjacking
c.    Viewjacking
Ans: d.    Pagejacking

Question 20: Do search engines such as Google detect unnatural linking patterns by checking the Class C IP address of the page where the link to the website originates?
Ans: a.    Yes
b.    No

Question 21: What term is commonly used to describe the shuffling of positions in search engine results in between major updates?
a.    Waves
Ans: b.    Flux(Answer)
c.    Shuffling
d.    Swaying

Question 22: If a website’s search engine saturation with respect toa particular search engine in 20%,what does it mean?
Ans: b. Only 20% of the pages of the website will be indeed by the search engine

Question 23: While grading your website, Google gives credit to outbound links pointing to authority websites?
a.    True
Ans: b.    False

Question 24: Which of the following URLs can the Google search engine spider?
Ans: e.    All of the above

Question 25: Google displays up to _____ characters of a webpage’s Title Tag.
a.    56
b.    60
Ans: c.    66
Ans: d.    80

Question 26: Which of the following fact about Alexa are correct ?
Ans: a. Alexa provides free data on relative website visitors traffic
b. Alexa and Quancast provide information on visitors household income
c.Alexa is baised towards US based traffic
d.Quantcast only track people who have installed the quantcast toolbar

Question 27: What does the 302 server response code signify?
a.    It signifies conflict, too many people wanted the same file at the same time
b.    The page has been permanently removed
Ans: b. Moved Permanently
c.    The method you are using to access the file is not allowed
Ans: d.    The page has temporarily moved(Answer)
e.    What you requested is just too big to process

Question 28: Which of the following statements is correct with regard to the description meta tag?
a.    It should be about 50 characters in length
b.    The description should not contain the keywords
Ans: c.    If the meta description is not included, the search engines will use the meta keywords for information
Ans: d.    Google uses the meta description to generate the search engine results pages

Question 29: State whether true or false.
The Yahoo Directory listing is a free service for commercial sites.
Ans: a.    True
b.    False

Question 30: Which of the following website design guideline has been recommended by google?
Ans: a*Having a clear hierachy and text links
b.Every page should be reachable from atleast one static text link
c.If the sitemap is larger than 100 or so links, you should break the sitemap into separate pages
d.Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number (fewer than 100)
e. Use less than 30 images or graphics per page


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